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About Us

We're a small team with our HQ in leafy Harrogate. With decades of combined experience and a broad range of specialisms across our team, we're perfectly positioned to take on any creative challenge. We're also a really nice bunch so if you work with us, we're sure to get on like a house on fire.


Meet the Team

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Ian Ladley

Creative Director

I founded Skinny Design in 2010, with the goal of running a design agency which produces great work with no nonsense. Since then, we've grown to a small, tight-knit team of professionals with a long list of loyal clients that sing our praises.

When I'm not in the studio, I like long cycling trips, perusing loud shirts in town and sampling the many beer offerings of the Harrogate District and beyond.

Ben Constable

Senior Graphic Designer

I'm Skinny's longest-serving designer, having joined Ian back in 2014. I live down in Crewe, where I work from my home studio. 
Outside work, I enjoy lifting weights and listening to trance music.

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Phoebe Whitehead

Graphic Designer

The Harrogate outsider, usually found in York. Outside of the office you’ll find me binging the latest TV shows and movies, exploiting the use of sit-down exercise machinery, or talking to my live-in co-worker Mayonnaise the cat (she also takes phone calls).

James Hall

Graphic Designer

When I'm not designing for Skinny, I like spending time in the Great Outdoors, drawing, playing guitar and complaining about the state of music today (which I often do whilst designing for Skinny: it's part of my creative process).

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Will Cotton

Junior Graphic Designer

Being the newest recruit to the Skinny Team, I make sure to deliver a hot and fresh coffee to everyone's desks before the day starts. The skills and enjoyment I have gained from working at Skinny design have been immeasurable. While away from work, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, if that be inside on a video game or outside exploring!

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