Just Say No!


I’m not a negative person (of this i’m quite positive) and my general outlook on life is through the bottom of a half full glass… a half empty glass would mean another visit to the bar was imminent, and I  simply can’t afford that these days (not with the ultra competitive prices Skinny Design is famous for you hear me say!) So when I’m politely asked to address 160 teenagers about the merits of graphic design as a career choice I hear myself politely saying ‘yes’.

It wasn’t for at least another month so I had plenty of time to either work on a presentation / try to get knocked down by a bus / pray for a really big rock to take out the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately non of these things happened, the most problematic of which was the non happening of the presentation.

Now I have children who get homework and I’d love to say they leave it all until the last minute and it’s clearly down to their example of badness I’m encountering timing issues but annoyingly they do theirs as soon as they get home so it’s not hanging over them like a big pendulum of death all weekend. There is clearly something wrong with them. Anyway I work better under pressure, I’ve given myself 2 minutes to finish this blog.

It had some how got to the night before, so time to pull something (anything) out of the bag – tea is for whimps (or was that breakfast?). Just how do you hold 160 short attention spans for longer than 3 minutes without breaking into a rap and at the same time imparting something deemed as educational? You use dog poo! It’s really all about knowing your target audience and kids like poo. Fact.

A hastily put together A-Z powerpoint of Graphic Design interspersed with pictures of ploppings and the job was done. All I needed then was a big stick to point with, a stupid shirt to distract their attention from the poo / lack of script and a large rock to take out the northern hemisphere before I had to set foot on stage.

Thank you God – but the near miss didn’t help.