About Us

At Skinny Design we really don’t like to brag, we tend to let the work speak for itself.
If you twisted our arms we might say that we’re very proud of what we do and how we do it… Then again we might just say ouch!

Our little team has all the bases covered – our skills perfectly complement each other to bring you a service that will make you smile.

So why not meet the team…


Ian Ladley

Creative Director

Likes to keep things simple. Strong believer in working with the client to deliver a job everyone loves. Terrible taste in floral shirts.


Clare Dowson

Financial Director

Likes to count beans and line numbers up on decimal points. Uses weird PC software. Loves people who pay and the Creative Director.



Natalie Valentine

Graphic Designer

Likes to add depth to simple ideas. A visual maturity that no 23 year old should rightly possess. Brings sophistication and lunch to the office.


Steve Smith

Web Developer

Likes to confuse creatives with talk of dynamic html. Does as he’s told for the good of the design. Doesn’t like circles very much.



Stef Suchomski


Likes to lend a hand when the rest of team are out of time or their depth. Was around at the birth of modern-day design and peace & love.